Economic Conditions for

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Economic Conditions for Investors

Financial Security is Going, Going, Gone! 
     Pensions:- A defined Benefit (paycheck for Life)
     Pension, IRA, 401K’s are the next Market crash!
     IRA’s will go down, 
Banks will be bailed out, they will buy smaller ones.


Economic Conditions for Investors 2020

Watch your Net Worth evaporate before your eyes!
     Since the Depression of 2008, few have recovered.
     Now, just to watch it happen again.

A saying in the Stock Market is,

 “when the Prices are about to Collapse…No One rings a Bell

From 2008-2015 the Federal Reserve expanded the *
*Base Money Supply over 3 Trillion Dollars.

      (A 9% Inflation Rate will cut the Value of the Dollar in half, in about 8 years)

March 2020, the Federal Reserve, printed 89 Billion dollars of New Money/weekly.

After March 20, 2020; the Federal Reserve began printing 150 Billion dollars a DAY, and continues every Day since!!

In 2021 the FED printed 13 TRILLION DOLLARS of new money.

Today ½ of all printed US  money in circulation   
           was printed in the years 2020 & 2021!!

The results are that dollars are becoming “worth less”, because of the BLIZZARD of new money being printed by the Federal Reserve.


Why save your dollars?

Savers have always been viewed as prudent, are actually, Losers!

The Dollar in your pockets value, is Diving, 
     while the Dollar is strong, in the World Economy. 
The storage place for the World is the dollar, within the WASHINGTON Economy

After the 2020 Pandemic……Pensions will Crash!

New York Times reported,
     “Pension Time Bomb”
     “300 Multi-Employer Pension Funds, that are Employer/Unions
      2429 FUNDs with 1,500,000, Retirees and Active Employees.”

US Chamber of Commerce reported in 2018 “The sheer numbers and size of Plans headed towards insolvency, during the next decade, present the system with challenges, with a size and scope, Never seen before.”

Today the average Baby Boomer’s 401K has $65,000.
The problem is they are being emptied.

Why, because they are being a drag on business.
In the 70’s Japan, Germany as they came up Economically, they got rid of Pensions.

Today, see Boeing, GE, United Airlines Pilots, UPS etc.
     In Pension Fund liquidations,
The Pension holder is offered, 30-70% discount for his/her life savings!
UPS some of its retirees, who should have received $5,000/month, actually got only  $900/month.

Historically, the way it works is while Pensions are looted,
the Fund Managers, assure the Pension fund holders, “the Fund is Secure”!
Just Before the Collapse. They cut the benefits of the Pension Fund holder, before Insolvency. Money follows Management, Money disappears when there is Mismanagement!

Alan Greenspan, “in an absence of the Gold Standard, there is NO WAY to protect savings from Confiscation thru Inflation, there is No Safe Store”!

Wall Street is Stealing Pension Funds, and has over the years.
There is a wealth transfer at all levels.

*The Federal Reserve is a job not to Protect you.
It’s to protect the Rich!
*Bailouts are to Protect the Rich!

Pensions will crash after the Pandemic 2020……..many will never recover! 
While Paper Assets are collapsing,
Real Assets are holding Value or Increasing in Value and Preserve Wealth! 

*Financial Planners who work for Wall Street say, “stay in for the long haul”!

What are Real Assets?

Gold/Silver, Oil/Gas, Minerals, Small Business and Real Estate.

Real Assets can earn profits and create Wealth!

Where there is chaos there is Opportunity! Now, 
     Today is the biggest opportunity.

2008 Depression, made Millionaires, 
because when the Market Crashes, it’s one of the best times to get Rich.

The Market has been crashing, and the need for Hard Assets has never been Greater.
Convert your diving Dollars into a Hard Asset that can earn you Profit and Wealth.
Invest your hard earned dollars, into a Hard Asset backed, Investments!

Not only survive this Financial Robbery, but Thrive!