30% R.O.I.!!

(Return on Investment)

Our Investors earn that everyday!

We guarantee it in writing!


Why we're different?

The Founder/CEO Jim Means, 35 years a Consultant to Business Nationally, in over 300 Industries; Large and Small, is known for his ability to Generate enormous Profits, through installing, Strategies, Systems, Processes, and Checklist, with his Creative Genius Mind, thinking always, outside the box.

Jim applied this to TABC, and built a Big Time Executive Management Team of High Performing Specialists, in the Key areas of the company.

Jim had a Big Vision for an “Ordinary Business”, leveraged up with Tailored Systems, & Processes that when applied to a Specific Targeted Property, Create Huge Profits, every time.

This is different than the typical “Mom & Pop” Real Estate Investment Model.

About us

Jim asks a long time friend, and Real Estate Extraordinaire, to be his partner in the business.

Jim Means


President and CEO is Jim Means.
Jims Credentials are Substantial as a Business Consultant and Owner, Nationally over 35 years


Ben Donlon


American Recovery Systems President.
Mortgage Bank CEO 20 years offices California, Arizona Investor, Builder, Developer, 35 years


What this means to you the Investor?

You get a Safe, Secure, Turnkey, Real Estate Investment that has extensive Control and Transparency. It means it can be wholesaled in an Emergency if necessary, and the Investor can recoup all of the Investment. This is backup Assurance; should the Investor have a personal problem. This is Never offered to Investors, until now!

“Safety in the Investment!”


How can TABC do it?

TABC acquires deeply undervalued distressed properties, with its Investor, at $100,000-300,000 / property.

These are Properties that fit a specific Investment Model, which after Update and Sale of property and all cost are paid, the Property will generate $30,000 profit or greater, or TABC will not purchase the Property. Very Simple!


The Process

At Sale of Property-all costs are paid from proceeds. After Investor receives all of the Investment returned. Profit is Split, The Investor receives 1/3 profit!

Should 1/3 Profit not equal, 30% Return on Investment, TABC will pay the difference at closing!